Established in 1893
  • July 20, 2018

Daughters of the King

Magnanimiter Crucem Sustine--With heart, mind, and spirit uphold and bear the Cross

The Order of the Daughters of the King is an order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church or churches in the historic episcopate. These include the Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran (ELCA), and Roman Catholic churches. (For more information on the Order, click here to visit their website).

The Order’s purpose is to bring others into a living, loving relationshp with Jesus Christ and to help strengthen the spiritual life of the members' parishes and missions. Members undertake a Rule of Life incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service. By reaffirming their promises made at baptism and confirmation, Daughters pledge themselves to a lifelong program of prayer, service, and evangelism.

Through the Rule of Prayer, Daughters promise to pray daily for the spread of Christ’s kingdom, for God’s blessing on all members of the Order, and for the spiritual growth of their parishes. Through the Rule of Service, Daughters regularly take part in the worship, study, and work of the Church, undertaking a personal program of evangelism to bring others into a personal relationship with Christ, and to work with clergy for the spiritual upbuilding of their parishes. Daughters are also faithful in their personal devotional life through Bible/Christian studies, participation in quiet days, retreats, prayer groups, and in attending diocesan and provincial assemblies.

As a constant reminder of their vows, Daughters wear the emblem of the Order every day: a silver pin in the form of a modified Greek Fleury cross, worn over the heart or on a chain around the neck. The horizonal Latin inscription, MAGNANIMITER CRUCEM SUSTINE, broadly translates as “with heart, mind, and spirit, uphold and bear the Cross.” The initials, FHS, at the base of the cross mean “For His Sake.”

The order was founded in 1885 by Margaret Franklin and her women’s Bible Study class at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in New York City, and by 1894 there were Daughters at the Cathedral of St. John’s in Albuquerque. Today, there are 22 chapters in the Diocese of the Rio Grande. (Click here to visit their website.)

In 1995, the Anne and Joachim chapter of the Daughters of the King was organized at St. John’s in Farmington. The chapter meets the third Monday of each month at the church. (Click here for the latest information on meetings.) Linda Brown is currently president of the local chapter and may be contacted thru the parish office or via email.


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