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  • June 27, 2017

Current Bible Studies

Several Bible Study groups meet regularly at St. Johns. Everyone is welcome at any or all of these times:

  • Wednesday, 12:30 pm:
    At the beginning….
    Many of our most beloved Bible stories come from Genesis and Exodus. Some of the most powerful teachings about God and who we are in relation to him come from those stories. But how long has it been since you took a good, hard look at Noah and the Flood? Or Joseph, sold as a slave into Egypt? Or Moses, the Exodus and the Red Sea?
    Our Wednesday “brown bag lunch and Bible study” will be studying the books of Genesis and Exodus. We will dig past the familiarity of these texts into the meat of the history of God and his people. If you can make time, please join us; bring a sack lunch, your Bible, and a notebook!

  • Wednesday Evening, 6:30 pm:
    Our Wednesday evening fellowship will meet for WET in the Desert (Wednesday Evening Theology).
    We will meet at St. John's and discuss a different theological topic each week over a cup of coffee. Come join us!

  • Saturday, 8:00 am:
    The call to the life in God is always a balance between our individual call by God (and identity in God, for certainly he knows us each by name), and the corporate call He places on his Church, that “wonderful and sacred mystery.”
    Certainly many have foregone their individual call and relied on their “membership” to put them right with God. Others have so individualized their faith as to decry and even wish to “disassemble” the Church.
    It may be a fine line; it may be a balance; it may be a tug-of-war. Therefore our series of classes on Saturday morning are an attempt to see this dynamic tension within the Scriptures, to see what brought us to where we are, and to find a point of balance.
    Come join us for a great study and wonderful fellowship with lots of coffee to help you wake up.
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