Established in 1893
  • January 22, 2018

Current Bible Studies

Several Bible Study groups meet regularly at St. Johns. Everyone is welcome at any or all of these times:

  • Wednesday, 12:30 pm:
    The Wednesday study meets after the noonday Eucharist (about 12:30pm) and discusses various topics of theological or spiritual interest.

  • Wednesday Evening, 6:30 pm:
    We meet at 6:30 pm for Eucharist using the Celtic Prayer Book from the North Umbria Community. Then at 7:00 pm Fr. Guy leads a discussion of the Church's dogma as found in the theology of the Nicene Creed.
    Ann Merrick leads a class (also at 7:00 pm) on Seeking Allah; Finding Jesus, the story of a devout Muslim who converts to Christianity.

  • Saturday, 8:00 am:
    The Saturday Morning Bible Study is looking at the Jewish approach to the prophets as discussed in The Prophets by Rabbi Abraham Heschel.
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