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  • July 20, 2018

Meet our Rector

Fr. Guy Mackey

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The four and a half years of my tenure as rector of Saint John’s has just about gotten New Mexico into my blood stream. When I got my Jeep three years ago, the comment was immediately made, “Well, he’s here to stay.” I do hope that is true. I almost can’t eat a meal without green chiles! I seem to have a roving spirit and like to spend time with boots on out in the desert. It bears a strong resemblance to what I believe is the spiritual landscape we all inhabit, full of divine rewards and visions, yet fraught with dangers and with places to become lost and hopeless. It is a visible, physical, experiential reality that connects to something much more real.
Yet those physical realities can serve to teach us, show us, and give us hope in the unseen realm. When we make sure the hungry have food, the poor are warmed in the winter, the frightened are comforted, we are quite literally teaching them that, even though there are dangers, there is someone who cares—we, with hands held out in concrete ways; the Lord God with his hands stretched out on the hard wood of the cross. The physical and the spiritual are melded in us as we are faithful.

Fr. Guy was reared in the Holiness Movement within the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, where his father was a pastor. He holds an undergraduate degree in business and was awarded a Doctor of Theology through Laud Hall Theological Seminary in June of 2009.
His move into Anglicanism was at the feet of Liturgy and Sacrament rather than theology or church politics. He pursued a vocation as a teacher first, taking his seminary training at Cranmer Theological House, under the disciplines of the 'old' prayerbook (1928), and the monastic observances of communal living, praying, and working. His post-graduate work is in the field of liturgical theology, specifically as it relates to the continuing miracle of God's presence in the Church and her mission. Fr. Guy is a founding member of the Anglican Order of Preachers (the Dominicans), having made his vows in the OPA in 2002.

Eastern Christian Links: Fr. Guy is particularly interested in the Eastern Christian (Byzantine/Greek/Russian) traditions of the Church, not only because of the ancient roots we share, but also because both of his younger brothers are Eastern Rite Christians. With Fr. Hunt, he studies the iconography traditions of the East, and with his brothers and other sources, he studies the theology and liturgical aspects of the Eastern Church. It is clear that during the English Reformation, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer had access to some of the Eastern liturgies, as the “Prayer of St. Chrysostom” has been part of our tradition since he included it in 1549.
Of note also is a newly formed society in the Episcopal Church: SERA (Society for Eastern Rite Anglicanism) whose goal is to have an Eastern Eucharistic liturgy eventually approved by the Bishops of the Episcopal Church for regular Sunday use. Another website of interest is The Byzantine Anglo-Catholic, a blog with an Anglican perspective on Orthodox things, and an Orthodox perspective on Anglican things.

Outside the vocations of a priest and preacher, Fr. Guy holds a second degree black belt in karate, spends time building scale models (mostly military aircraft) along with a smattering of simple carpentry, and plays a very less than average round of golf.

Work with the State Guard & CAP

Fr. Guy has taken up a chaplaincy with the New Mexico State Guard, and as an extension of that work, also provides help to the chaplaincy mission of the Civil Air Patrol. Both are uniformed services, both are on call in case of disaster in the community and state. While work at the parish regularly gives him the opportunity to talk to and to help the poor, these ministry extensions put him in a position to be one of the pairs of “boots on the ground” in a crisis event, carrying both physical and spiritual safety into unsafe places and to those whose security has been ripped away.

God in Particular

Fr. Mackey has published a book entitled God in Particular: An Ecclesiastical Christology. In this work, he seeks to show the reader that the developed worship and devotion of the Western Church is not simply a matter of option or personality but a participation in the revelation of God to the world. By examining the Festal Cycles and the exposition of Scripture as it relates to the continuing miracle of the Incarnation, Fr. Mackey opens the door to a refreshed life in the Sacramental Church.


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