What's Happening at St. John's

In case you missed church last Sunday, here are the announcements for Sunday, January 20:

There are still a handful of boxes of offering envelopes in the back of the church. Each box is numbered and assigned to an individual family. Please use them with your donations as it makes the tellers’ job much easier when you do. 

See Jack in the office if you do not find a box of envelopes with your name on it. We have extras.


Our annual All Parish Meeting will be next Sunday, January 27, about 12:00 (after a potluck). 

This is an important meeting where we elect new vestry members and hear reports on the health of the parish. Please make plans to attend this vital meeting.


Last year, St. John’s spent $22,230 helping 204 families with their past due utilities and rent. You are to be commended for your generosity and support of this outreach ministry.

This is in addition to the $5,000 spent by the Outreach Committee from the budget helping local and international entities. Thank you all for your support.