St. John's Rector

Father Guy Mackey

My tenure as rector of Saint John’s has just about gotten New Mexico into my blood stream.  I almost can’t eat a meal without green chiles! I seem to have a roving spirit and like to spend time with boots on out in the desert. It bears a strong resemblance to what I believe is the spiritual landscape we all inhabit, full of divine rewards and visions, yet fraught with dangers and with places to become lost and hopeless. It is a visible, physical, experiential reality that connects to something much more real.

Yet those physical realities can serve to teach us, show us, and give us hope in the unseen realm. When we make sure the hungry have food, the poor are warmed in the winter, the frightened are comforted, we are quite literally teaching them that, even though there are dangers, there is someone who cares—we, with hands held out in concrete ways; the Lord God with his hands stretched out on the hard wood of the cross. The physical and the spiritual are melded in us as we are faithful.


About Fr. Guy


Vocational Study

Fr. Guy was reared in the Holiness Movement within the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, where his father was a pastor. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from  Cranmer Theological House (1998), a Doctor of Theology through Laud Hall Theological Seminary (June of 2009), and PhD from Evangel Christian Academy (2017).

Fr. Guy was ordained a deacon in 1999 and a priest in 2000. He is also a founding member of the Anglican Order of Preachers (the Dominicans), having made his vows in the OPA in 2002.


Civil Air Patrol, State Guard & Martial Arts

Fr. Guy has taken up a chaplaincy with the New Mexico State Guard, and as an extension of that work, also provides help to the chaplaincy mission of the Civil Air Patrol. Both are uniformed services, both are on call in case of disaster in the community and state.  Guy has received Search & Rescue training and is a 2018 Graduate of the Hawk Mountain Ranger School.  In addition, he is a third degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo and first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


God, in Particular

Fr. Mackey has published a book entitled God in Particular: An Ecclesiastical Christology. In this work, he seeks to show the reader that the developed worship and devotion of the Western Church is not simply a matter of option or personality but a participation in the revelation of God to the world.